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Friday, October 6th 

12:15 pm – 1:30 pm |  Fachtagungsraum 0.214
Poster Review 1
Short Lectures

4:30 pm – 5:15 pm |  Fachtagungsraum 0.214
Poster Review 2
Short Lectures

1. Laboratory Biomarkers & Lipedema:  A Focus for Research & Guidance for Clinicians
Siobhan Huggins (New York, USA)

2. Motor function alterations in lipedema
Elettra Fiengo (Pomezia, Italy)

3. Lipoedema in a male patient– a case study
Catarina Hadamitzky (Hannover, Germany)

4. Lipedema the untold story – an Interdisciplinary approach
Linda-Anne Kahn (San Diego, USA)

5. Lipoedema: Devising specialist training and specific clinical assessment tool
Jane Wigg (New Beacon Building, Weston Road, Stafford, UK)

6. An innovative moisturiser for lymphoedema care
Margaret Holloway (Lower Hutt, New Zealand)

7. Deep Oscillation
Rolf Prischtscheptschuk (Steinebergkirche, Germany)

8. Observational study on a large italian population of women suffering from lipedema of the lower limbs
Lorenzo Ricolfi (Siena, Italy)

9. Lipedema: comparison between patients with involvement of the upper limbs as well vs only the lower limbs
Lorenzo Ricolfi (Siena, Italy)

10. Microbiota, dysbiosis and lipedema: observational study.
Micaela Bortolon (Valdobbiadene, Italy)

11. Translation and Validation of the Lymphoedema Quality of Life Questionnaire (LYMQOL) in German Patients diagnosed with Lipoedema
Johanna Mahler (Hannover, Germany)

13. Lipedema: affects any area of SAT?
Dominik von Lukowicz (Munich, Germany)

14. New working model in lipedema clinics
Noemí González (Barcelona, Spain)

15. Presentation of a digital AI-supported solution for diagnosis, documentation and therapy support for lipedema
Stefan Rapprich (Bad Soden, Germany)

16. Nutritional Intervention In Lipedema: A Clinical Case.
Eraci Drehmer Rieger (Alboraya – Valencia, Spain)

17. Ketogenic Diet as a Potential Intervention for Lipedema: Mechanisms for Effectiveness
Siobhan Huggins (New York, USA)

18. Health and Wellness Coaching: An Important and Powerful Component of Lipedema Care
Marti Klein (Dana Point, California, USA)

19. Identifying patient behaviours associated with dissatisfaction following lipoedema liposuction
Vasu Karri (East Riding of Yorkshire, UK)

20. Surgical treatment of lipedema in Brazil: epidemiology, description of the technique and results in 467 operated patients
Renan Diego Américo Ribeiro (São Paulo, Brazil)

21. Circulatory reaction after Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction WAL in Lipedema – Evaluation of 1,000 Surgeries
Falk-Christian Heck (Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany)

22. Body-jet Liposuction – the Effective Surgical Treatment of Lipoedema
Hana Klosová (Prostějov, Czech Republic)

23. Improvement in Hand Strength and other Surprising Functional Improvements from Liposuction in Lipedema
Thomas Su (Tampa, USA)

26. The use of lymphascial kinesiology taping to reduce pain, oedema, ecchymosis and the risk of skin necrosis in post-liposuction lipoedema patients
Clare Anvar (Tonbridge, UK)

27. Treatment of lipedema by lipomatic : Nutational infrasonic liposuction
Robert Boonen (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

28. Liposuction for Upper limbs Lipedema
Ana Carolina De Nadai (São Paulo, Brazil)

29. Water jet-assisted Liposuction for Treatment of Lipedema
Daniel Münch (Wiedlisbach/Berne, Switzerland)

30. Lymphatics Preservation During Lipedema Surgery
Nadiv Shapira (Wilmington, USA)

31. Clinical case: DXA study before and after lipedema surgery
Marina Ferreira (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

32. Differential diagnosis of lipoedema – implications in surgical results
Catarina Hadamitzky (Hannover, Germany)

33. Optimising outcomes in lipoedema liposuction
Vasu Karri (East Riding of Yorkshire, UK)

34. Surgical treatment of trochanteric lipodystrophy in a patient with grade III lipedema
Patricia Henriques Lyra Frasson (Vitória, Brazil)

35. The Ultimate Guide To Plastic Surgery
Kristin Osborn (Kotara South, Australia)

36. Avulsion brachioplasty – separation of skin flaps using water liposuction
Jiřina Šilhánková (Prostějov, Czech Republic)

40. What are the issues that adults with Lipoedema want support with, and how do they want support to be provided?
Diana Harcourt (Bristol, UK)

41. Lymphatic Improvement in Lipedema Patient After Suction-Assisted Lipectomy, a Case Report
Renan Diego (São Paulo, Brazil)

42. Usefulness of three-dimensional Ultrasound Diagnostics in the Tissue Evaluation
Marina Cestari (Terni, Italy)

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