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Program – Thursday, October 5th

Thursday, October 5th  |  9:00 am

Session 1
Psychological Dimensions of Lipedema

Chair: Martin Südmeyer (Potsdam, Germany), Joanna Dudek (Warsaw, Poland)

9:00 am
Representatives Talk Susanne Helmbrecht (Lymphselbsthilfe e.V.), Elin Madsen (NLLF)

9:07 am
Psychosocial challenges of managing Lipoedema

Christine Moffat (Nottingham, UK)

9:19 am

Self-management program “Healthy and active living with lipoedema and lymphoedema” (GALLiLy)

Susanne Helmbrecht (Herzogenaurach, Germany)

9:31 am
Healthcare experiences, health-related stigma, and social support among Swedish women with lipoedema – results from a national survey
Johanna Falck (Jönköping, Sweden)

9:43 am
Effectiveness of Breathing Exercise and Pilates-Based Exercise in Patients with Lipedema; a controlled, randomized clinical trial

Gulistan Ece Sahin (Hatay, Turkey)

Thursday, October 5th  |  11:30 am

Session 2
Conservative Treatment & Comorbidities

Chair: Manfred Infanger (Magdeburg, Germany), Andrzej Szuba (Wroclaw, Poland), Győző Szolnoky (Szeged, Hungary)

11:30 am
Representatives Talk
Jean Louise McCarthy (Lipoedema Association of Ireland)

11:37 am
Guided Self-Management – What can the patient contribute to the therapy?
Christian Ure (Wolfsberg, Austria)

11:48 am
New therapeutics frontiers and approaches to lipedema
Marco Mattioli (Valdobbiadene, Italy)

11:59 am
Exploring disease interrelationships in patients with lipedema and other lymphatic disorders
Stanley Rockson (Stanford, California)

12:10 pm
The Role of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists in the Conservative Management of Lipedema
Aria Vazirnia (Beverly Hills, USA)

12:21 pm
Defocused and radial shock wave therapy, mesotherapy and kinesio taping effects in patients with lipedema: a pilot study
Serena Michelini (Rome, Italy)

12:32 pm
Pilot study: Ultrasound cavitation (UC) and extracorporeal shock wave treatment (ESWT) as conservative treatments for lipedema SAT improves pain, decreases thigh circumference, increases QOL and improves SAT structure in women with lipedema.
Karen Ashforth (Lodi, USA)

12:43 pm
Prevalence of Joint Hypermobility in Lipedema Patients
Juan Vázquez-Díez (Castellón de La Plana, Spain)

Thursday, October 5th  |  2:30 Pm

Session 3
Basic science 1: Sequencing, Stem Cells & Genetics

Chair: Tim J. Schulz (Nuthetal, Germany), Matthias Blüher (Leipzig, Germany), Bruce Bunnell (Fort Worth, USA)

2:30 pm
Representatives Talk
Emmanuelle Denfert (AMLF)

2:37 pm
Developing better lipedema surgery through molecular and genetic understanding: our basic science and clinical results
Ramin Shayan (Melbourne, Australia)

2:50 pm
Dissecting the Genetic Architecture of Lipedema

Alan Pittmann (London, UK)

3:03 pm
Adipose Stem Cells as Drivers of Lipedema
Bruce Bunnell (Fort Worth, USA)

3:16 pm
RNA-seq-based Identification of Pathogenic Links in Lipedema
Lennard Zühlke (Potsdam, Germany)

3:29 pm

A transcriptomic analysis of adipose tissue reveals dysregulated pathways in Lipedema
Pamela Nono Nankam (Leipzig, Germany)

3:42 pm
Morphological characterization of adipose tissue from patients affected by lipedema
Saverio Cinti (Ancona, Italy)

Thursday, October 5th  |  4:00 Pm

Session 4
Lipedema & Pain

Chair: Tim Hucho (Cologne, Germany),  Joseph M. Rutkowski (Bryan, USA), Josè Luis Simarro (Madrid, Spain)

4:00 pm
Representatives Talk Kris Nootenboom & Colleagues (NL.Net)

4:07 pm
Indications of Peripheral Pain, Dermal Hypersensitivity, and Neurogenic Inflammation in Patients with Lipedema
Joseph Rutkowski (Bryan, USA)

4:19 pm

Non-Obese Lipedema Patients Show A Distinctly Altered Quantitative Sensory Testing (Qst) Profile With Promising Diagnostic Potential
Rebecca Dinnendahl (Cologne, Germany)

4:31 pm

A New Theory: Lipedema is caused by subclinical saphenous compartment syndrome
José Luis Simarro (Madrid, Spain)

4:43 pm
Correlation between Pregnenolone and pain in Lipedema
Sandro Michelini (Rome, Italy)

Thursday, October 5th  |  5:30 Pm

Session 5
Liposuction for Lipedema 1: Safety & Outcomes

Chair: Håkan Brorson (Malmö, Sweden), Thomas Wright (Missouri, USA), Dirk Richter (Wesseling, Germany)

5:30 pm
Representatives Talk
Crystal Ellingsen (NONE)

5:37 pm
Perioperative Anesthetic Strategies for Large-Volume Liposuction in Lipedema: A Comprehensive Approach
Norina Cornelius (Bad Belzig, Germany)

5:48 pm
Lipedema Reduction Surgery Improves Mobility, Physical Function, and Multiple Measures of Quality of Life in Women with Lipedema
Thomas Wright (Missouri, USA)

5:59 pm
Effectiveness of liposuction in lipedema – a cross-sectional data collection of 860 lipedema patients
Marie-Luise Aitzetmüller-Klietz (Münster, Germany)

6:10 pm
Patient-reported quality of life after liposuction for lipoedema: Longitudinal study using SF-36, WHOQOL-BREF, and lipoedema symptom surveys
Vasu Karri (East Riding of Yorkshire, UK)

6:21 pm
Thigh lifts after liposuction in lipedema
Dirk Richter (Cologne, Germany)

6:32 pm
Surgical treatment of lipohyperplasia dolorosa (lipedema) using the tumescent technique – what infiltration volumes and suction volumes can be considered safe?
David Christel (Cologne, Germany)

6:43 pm
Complications after Liposuction for Lipedema
Stefan Emmes (Nesttun (Bergen), Norway)

Program – Friday, October 6th

Friday, October 6th  |  9:00 Am

Session 6
Lipedema & Obesity

Chair: Alexandre Campos Amato (São Paulo, Brazil), Vincenza Cifarelli (St. Louis, USA), Christian Ure (Wolfsberg, Germany)

9:00 am

Representatives Talk
 Elin Madsen (NLLF)

9:07 am

Lipedema Progresses In Only One Third Of The Patients, Probably Related To Fat Gain

Isabel Forner-Cordero (Valencia, Spain)

9:19 am

Lipedema and Obesity – interdisciplinary therapy for successful treatment

Anja M. Boos (Aachen, Germany)

9:31 am

Persistence of Lipedema Phenotype and Symptoms after Bariatric Surgery: A Case Series

Jeremias Schmidt (Potsdam, Germany)

9:43 am

Results of a Delphi Questionnaire: Diagnosis and Treatment of lipedema and concomitant obesity

Sjaak Pouwels (Tilburg, Netherlands)

Friday, October 6th  |  10:45 Am

Session 7
The Future of Lipedema Care

Chair: Sandro Michelini (Rome, Italy), Karen Herbst (Beverly Hills, California), Jonathan Kartt (New York, USA)

10:45 am
Representatives Talk
Danielle Makowsky (SÖF Svenska Ödemförbundet)

10:52 am
Lipedema World Alliance – Working together we can make a change

Sandro Michelini (Rome, Italy)

11:03 am
Advancing a Lipedema Research Roadmap: A Collaborative Approach to a Complex Disease
Jonathan Kartt (Greenwich, USA)

11:14 am
Myths and challenges in management of lipedema – Indian perspective

Srinagesh Vadrevu (Hyderabad, India)

11:25 am
Standard of Care for Lipedema in the United States: The Current Perspective

Karen Herbst (Beverly Hills, California)

11:36 am
Insights from the Revision and Update of the German Guidelines for Lipedema

Gabriele Faerber (Hamburg, Germany)

11:47 am
Liposuction for Lipedema: The Swedish Perspective
Anders Liss (Uppsala, Sweden)

11:58 am
Proposed Framework for Research Case Definitions of Lipedema

Matthew Carmody (Somerville, USA)

Friday, October 6th  |  1:45 Pm

Session 8
Nutrition in Lipedema

Chair: Gabriele Faerber (Hamburg, Germany), Isabel Forner-Cordero (Valencia, Spain), Stefan Kabisch (Berlin, Germany)

1:45 pm

Representatives Talk

Sharie Fetzer (Lipoedema UK)

1:52 pm

The effect of diet on improving lipoedema symptoms

Yannan Jin (Leicester, UK)

2:05 pm

Lipedema and Nutrition: high fat chetogenic diet as treatment of choice

Giovanna Pitotti (Roma, Italy)

2:18 pm

A ketogenic low-energy diet is superior to a control non-ketogenic diet in reducing calf subcutaneous adipose tissue in females with lipedema

Julianne Lundanes (Trondheim, Norway)

2:31 pm

Benefits of a low-carbohydrate high-fat (LCHF) diet in body weight, leg’s volume and adipose tissue pain reduction in patients with lipedema in comparison to overweight/obese women

Małgorzata Jeziorek (Wroclaw, Poland)

2:44 pm
Randomized Nutritional Study with 3D-Scan Measurements of the Lower Extremities for Weight and Circumference Reduction in Lipedema Patients

Michaela Ehrl (Rohrbach, Germany)

Friday, October 6th  |  3:00 Pm

Session 9
Epidemiology and Diagnostic Tools

Chair: Rachelle Crescenzi (Nashville, USA), Stanley Rockson (Stanford, USA), Tobias Hirsch (Münster, Germany)

3:00 pm
Representatives Talk
Polly Armour (FDRS)

3:07 pm

Lymphoscintigraphic alterations in lower limbs in women with lipedema in comparison to women with overweight/obesity
Angelika Chachaj (Wroclaw, Poland)

3:20 pm

A comparison study of potential translational screening tools for lipedema
Rachelle Crescenzi (Nashville, USA)

3:33 pm
Lipedema -epidemiological data with reference to the current care situation in Germany based on a collective of 8.7 million insured people
Marie-Luise Aitzetmüller-Klietz (Münster, Germany)

3:46 pm
Comparison Of Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry And Bioimpedance Data On Regional Distribution Of Fat And Lean Mass In Lipedema Patients
Paula Frederichi de Souza (São Paulo, Brazil)

3:59 pm
Lipedema: thickness of the superficial subcutaneous adipose tissue in the lower medial third of the leg and correlations with anthropometric, clinical and laboratory parameters
Lorenzo Ricolfi (Siena, Italy)

4:12 pm
A Comparative Analysis to Dissect the Histological and Molecular Differences among Lipedema, Lipohypertrophy and Secondary Lymphedema
Epameinondas Gousopoulos (Zurich, Switzerland)

Friday, October 6th  |  5:15 Pm

Session 10
Lipedema: Interplay with Lymphatics

Chair: Dhruv Singhal (Boston, USA), Marcus Lehnhardt (Bochum, Germany), Jean-Paul Belgrado (Brussels, Belgium)

5:15 pm
Representatives Talk
Kate Forster (KateLipoedema UK),
Manuela Lourenço Marques (andLINFA)

5:22 pm
Surgical Approaches for Managing Lymphedema
Dhruv Singhal (Boston, USA)

5:35 pm
Platelet Factor 4 Identifies Lipedema as a Lymphatic Disorder

Stanley Rockson (Stanford, California)

5:48 pm
Anatomy and Physiology of the lymphatic system which transversalities with lipoedema
Jean-Paul Belgrado (Brussels, Belgium)

6:01 pm

Lymphoscintigraphic patterns in patients with lipedema
Alberto Onorato (Udine, Italy)

6:14 pm
Does tumescent liposuction diminish the lymphatic function in the legs of lipoedema patients?
Robert Boonen (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

6:27 pm
Lipedema – My Experience as a Lymphologist
Hakan Brorson (Malmo, Sweden)

Program – Saturday, October 7th

Saturday, October 7th  |  10:00 Am

Session 11
Basic science 2: Histology & Molecular Analysis

Chair: Anja M. Boos (Aachen, Germany), Tara Karnezis (Fitzroy, Australia), René Hägerling (Berlin, Germany)

10:00 am
Representatives Talk
Paula Frederichi (ABRALI)

10:08 am
Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis: Insights into Pathogenesis
Lukas Prantl (Regensburg, Germany)

10:21 am
Morphological characterization of adipose tissue from patients affected by lipedema
Roberto Cannataro (Rende (CS), Italy)

10:34 am
Hystological analysis of subcutaneous tissue of patients with lipedema and evaluation of inflammatory infiltrate
Micaela Bortolon (Valdobbiadene, Italy)

10:47 am

Lipedema stage affects adipocyte hypertrophy, subcutaneous adipose tissue inflammation and interstitial fibrosis
Sabrina Gohlke (Nuthetal, Germany)

11:00 am
Deep-Phenotyping of Lipedematous Tissue Samples using 3D-Histology
René Hägerling (Berlin, Germany)

11:13 am
Adipose tissue biology and effect of weight loss in women with lipedema

Vincenza Cifarelli (St. Louis, USA)

11:26 am

Comparison of gene and protein expression in lipedema and non-lipedema adipocytic cultures
Anna Maria Ernst (Salzburg, Austria)

Saturday, October 7th  |  1:30 Pm

Session 12
Liposuction for Lipedema 2: Technical Considerations

Chair: Christoph Hirche (Frankfurt, Germany), Fabio Kamamoto (São Paulo, Brazil), Corrado Cesare Campisi (Genoa, Italy)

1:30 pm
Representatives Talk
Valeria Giordano (LIO Lipedema Italia)

1:37 pm
LIPLEG: Update on a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing CDT Alone and Liposuction for Lipedema
Maximilian Kovacs (Darmstadt, Germany)

1:48 pm
Lymph Vessel Sparing Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction for Lymphedema and Lipedema Surgical Treatment
Corrado Cesare Campisi (Genoa, Italy)

1:59 pm
Liposuction Techniques for Achieving Better Cosmetic and Lipedema Symptom Improvement
Thomas Su (Tampa, USA)

2:10 pm
Initial stages: the forgotten patients. Tricks and tips for diagnosis and surgery

Enrique Burgos (Madrid, Spain)

2:21 pm
To WAL or not to WAL – Surgical treatment of lipedema: A single center retrospective data analysis

Ashwin Reddy (Porsgrunn, Norway)

2:32 pm
Lipedema Surgery, Combining Multiple Technologies: When And Where?
Agostino Bruno (Rome, Italy)

2:43 pm
A Comprehensive Analysis of Liposuction with Tumescent Anesthesia – Results and Lessons Learned
Uwe Wollina (Dresden, Germany)

2:54 pm
Use of the ONE STEP laser in the Lipedema surgical treatment protocol
Patricia Henriques Lyra Frasson (Vitória, Brazil)

3:05 pm
Thermoguided technique of lipolysis and skin retraction with diode laser on lipedema patients
Fabio Kamamoto (São Paulo, Brazil)

3:16 pm
Operation Lipedema – Critical experience report of a lipedema clinic with > 1000 operations per year. Where do we stand surgically?
Frank Labschies (Berlin, Germany)

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