We kindly request that you prepare an eye-catching poster in A0 format
(841 x 1189 mm) with the poster ID placed in the upper right corner. Additionally, please submit a digital version of your prepared poster in either PDF or PPTX format in advance. On Thursday morning, printed posters can be displayed on the designated bulletin boards in the exhibition area. The respective spaces will be clearly marked with their IDs.

The presentation of the posters will take place during the lunch break and afternoon coffee break on Friday in Meeting Room 0.214. Each speaker will have a 3-minute speaking slot, and we kindly ask that you adhere to this timeframe to ensure fairness to all presenters.

A review committee will evaluate all contributions and ultimately award a “best poster” prize. The prize will be presented during the Farewell Session on Saturday. The winner of the “best poster” prize will have the opportunity to present their talk once again during this session.

If you have any question,
feel free to contact us

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