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Journal of Wound Care and British Journal of Community Nursing (BJCN)
Writing for publication: how to publish high-quality clinical content and create an impact.
Shruti Kamath 

Möller medical
Power-assisted Liposuction for Lipedema – Best practice from 30 years experience
Dr. Stefan Rapprich & Dr. Hans Bayer

Lipedema Surgery Using WAL – Sharing International Experiences

Lecture 1: The National Surgical Treatment of Lipedema Study in Norway; background of the study and “Why We Chose to Use WAL”.
Dr. Hildur Skuladottir
Lecture 2: Overview of  a.) the International Training Centre for Lipedema Surgery Using WAL and b.) the (potential) Reimbursement Situation in Germany.
Dr. Michael Offermann
Lecture 3: Complete Approach of Lipedema Treatment in Spain/ Romania Using the WAL Technique.
Dr. Crenguta Coman

Lymph Vessel Sparing Liposuction for Lymphedema and Lipedema Treatment
Dr Corrado Campisi

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