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Session 9
Epidemiology and Diagnostic Tools

Representatives Talk
Polly Armour (FDRS)

Lymphoscintigraphic alterations in lower limbs in women with lipedema in comparison to women with overweight/obesity
Angelika Chachaj (Wroclaw, Poland)

A comparison study of potential translational screening tools for lipedema
Rachelle Crescenzi (Nashville, USA)

Lipedema -epidemiological data with reference to the current care situation in Germany based on a collective of 8.7 million insured people
Marie-Luise Aitzetmüller-Klietz (Münster, Germany)

Comparison Of Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry And Bioimpedance Data On Regional Distribution Of Fat And Lean Mass In Lipedema Patients
Paula Frederichi de Souza (São Paulo, Brazil)

Lipedema: thickness of the superficial subcutaneous adipose tissue in the lower medial third of the leg and correlations with anthropometric, clinical and laboratory parameters
Lorenzo Ricolfi (Siena, Italy)

A Comparative Analysis to Dissect the Histological and Molecular Differences among Lipedema, Lipohypertrophy and Secondary Lymphedema
Epameinondas Gousopoulos (Zurich, Switzerland)

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