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Session 10
Lipedema: Interplay with Lymphatics

Representatives Talk
Kate Forster (KateLipoedema UK), Manuela Lourenço Marques (andLINFA)

Surgical Approaches for Managing Lymphedema
Dhruv Singhal (Boston, USA)

Platelet Factor 4 Identifies Lipedema as a Lymphatic Disorder
Stanley Rockson (Stanford, California)

Anatomy and Physiology of the lymphatic system which transversalities with lipoedema
Jean-Paul Belgrado (Brussels, Belgium)

Lymphoscintigraphic patterns in patients with lipedema
Alberto Onorato (Udine, Italy)

Does tumescent liposuction diminish the lymphatic function in the legs of lipoedema patients?
Robert Boonen (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Lipedema – My Experience as a Lymphologist
Hakan Brorson (Malmo, Sweden)

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