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Session 11
Basic science 2: Histology & Molecular Analysis

Representatives Talk
Paula Frederichi (ABRALI)

Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis: Insights into Pathogenesis
Lukas Prantl (Regensburg, Germany)

Morphological characterization of adipose tissue from patients affected by lipedema
Roberto Cannataro (Rende (CS), Italy)

Lipedema stage affects adipocyte hypertrophy, subcutaneous adipose tissue inflammation and interstitial fibrosis
Sabrina Gohlke (Nuthetal, Germany)

Adipose tissue biology and effect of weight loss in women with lipedema
Vincenza Cifarelli (St. Louis, USA)

Comparison of gene and protein expression in lipedema and non-lipedema adipocytic cultures
Anna Maria Ernst (Salzburg, Austria)

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