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Session 8
Nutrition in Lipedema

Representatives Talk
Sharie Fetzer (Lipoedema UK)

The effect of diet on improving lipoedema symptoms
Yannan Jin (Leicester, UK)

Lipedema and Nutrition: high fat chetogenic diet as treatment of choice
Giovanna Pitotti (Roma, Italy)

A ketogenic low-energy diet is superior to a control non-ketogenic diet in reducing calf subcutaneous adipose tissue in females with lipedema
Julianne Lundanes (Trondheim, Norway)

Benefits of a low-carbohydrate high-fat (LCHF) diet in body weight, leg’s volume and adipose tissue pain reduction in patients with lipedema in comparison to overweight/obese women
Małgorzata Jeziorek (Wroclaw, Poland)

Randomized Nutritional Study with 3D-Scan Measurements of the Lower Extremities for Weight and Circumference Reduction in Lipedema Patients
Michaela Ehrl (Rohrbach, Germany)

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