Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Lipedema patients expect us to provide more concrete answers to their care needs. For too long they have been referred to as ‘mentally disturbed’ individuals and devoted to incongruous eating practices, unfairly amplifying their mortification. Finally, since January 2022, the World Health Organization has included the condition with its own identification code in the 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases. There will be much work to be done in this regard at the Institutions of the various Countries for tangible and effective recognition of the Disease.

It is with these assumptions that we greet with great interest this first scientific initiative of the new Lipedema World Alliance Association that our friend Mojtaba Ghods, together with Karen Herbst and myself, wanted to organize for a serene and concrete discussion on all aspects revolving around this pathology. We invite you, therefore, to share with us your experiences with a strong active participation in the scientific event, with the hope that it can be a real and strong starting point for a comprehensive and valid diagnostic-therapeutic approach that can be shared among all practitioners.

Sandro Michelini, MD
Marino, Italy
Co-Congress President

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