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Liposuction, a widely performed aesthetic procedure with a growing trend, has found a valuable application in addressing the symptoms of lipedema. The “Master Class Liposuction” Live Surgery Course is meticulously crafted to showcase distinct approaches to lymph vessel-sparing liposuction, tailored specifically for lipedema symptom reduction. It sheds light on the subtleties that differentiate this procedure from traditional aesthetic liposuction.
While comprehensive studies comparing the safety and efficacy of individual surgical methods are limited, a multitude of surgical approaches exists. This course offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into a diverse array of surgical options. By doing so, it empowers healthcare professionals to develop patient-centric therapeutic strategies and ensures patient safety.

The event will be hosted at the Conference Center Ernst von Bergmann, situated in the Berliner Vorstadt of Potsdam. This historic villa, once residence of the renowned surgeon Ernst von Bergmann, has served as a center of education for over a century. It is fully accessible to all attendees.
Address: Tagungs- und Konferenzzentrum Ernst von Bergmann, Berliner Str. 62, 14467 Potsdam

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Event Schedule:
The “Master Class Liposuction” Live Surgery Day is scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. It will feature alternating live surgeries from two operating rooms running concurrently, along with informative video sequences.
Each surgical case will be preceded by a brief presentation covering the patient’s medical history and the unique progression of lipedema symptoms. Additionally, the surgeons will share insights into their respective areas of expertise during the preoperative preparations.
Throughout the live presentations from the operating rooms, attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions directly to the surgeons. Following the surgical procedures, comprehensive aftercare concepts will be presented.
All participating surgeons will be readily available for questions, either through remote connections or in person.

Presenting Surgeons

Priv.-Doz. Mojtaba Ghods, MD, PhD (Potsdam, Germany)

Approach: Lymph-sparing Hybrid Technique: MicroAire PAL Large-Volume Liposuction and Manual Extraction in General Anesthesia for Advanced Stages Lipedemaa

Format: Live Surgery and Discussion

Dr. Mojtaba Ghods founded the Clinic for Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Microsurgery in Potsdam in 2008, which has since expanded to become one of Germany’s leading plastic surgery departments. He is a distinguished member of the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons (DGPRÄC), INTERPLAST Germany, and the Professional Association of German Surgeons (BDC). In December 2021, Dr. Ghods achieved a significant milestone by completing the world’s first habilitation on lipedema, titled “The Standardization of Surgical Treatment of Lipedema Patients” at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the University of Potsdam. His commitment extends further as he coordinates the “Lipedema” task force of the German Association of Plastic Surgeons (DGPRÄC) and represents it in the development of the German S2k-guideline on Lipedema. Dr. Ghods is renowned as one of the foremost plastic surgeons specializing in lipedema in Germany. He is recognized as a pioneer in liposuction techniques tailored to lipedema patients. His clinics actively conduct various studies on lipedema, including research on the potential diagnostic utility of MRI and fundamental research on potential pathophysiological factors underlying lipedema. Dr. Ghods’ team is the largest among the 14 “LIPLEG” study centers appointed by the German “Joint Federal Committee” (G-BA) for the first controlled and randomized clinical trial comparing conservative therapies and surgical interventions for lipedema.

Dr. Ghods will present a live surgery demonstration showcasing his surgical approach designed for advanced-stage lipedema patients. He will highlight the application of MicroAire PAL liposuction with manual extraction in general anesthesia, coined HybridLipo, emphasizing on the nuances of perioperative surgical management to ensure patient safety. The presentation will delve into the intricacies of performing large-volume liposuction and effective strategies for preventing and addressing bleeding complications.

Questions about the procedure or postoperative care can be forwarded directly to the operating room.

Dr. Fábio Kamamoto, MD, PhD (São Paulo, Brazil)

Approach: Laser Liposuction and Bodytite Morpheus 8 with simultaneous endovenous laser ablation (EVLA)

Format: Live Surgery and Discussion

Dr. Fábio Kamamoto has a degree in Plastic Surgery from the Hospital das Clinicas of the Faculty of Medicine of USP and is a full member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. With a postgraduate degree and a PhD in Sciences from USP, his research contributions have been groundbreaking. He has authored numerous articles and book chapters, with a focus on wound healing, and even developed an innovative vacuum dressing that expedites wound healing and encourages blood vessel growth. Over a decade ago, Dr. Kamamoto encountered his first patient with unfamiliar symptoms – leg pain and an unusual fat texture. Recognizing the need for diagnosis and treatment in cases of lipedema, he founded the Lipedema Brasil Institute and became a pioneer in the surgical management of lipedema in Brazil.
Dr. Kamamoto’s surgical approach is centered around laser liposuction. His method combines a 980nm laser with suction-assisted liposuction for optimal results. What sets his surgery apart is the integration of radiofrequency therapy, enhancing surgical outcomes. Moreover, he incorporates endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) as a minimally invasive technique for managing leg varicosities. This unique combination provides a comprehensive solution for patients seeking relief from lipedema-related challenges.
Questions about the procedure or postoperative care can be forwarded directly to the operating room.

Dr. Ziah Taufig, MD (Cologne, Germany)

Approach: Human Med body-jet WAL Liposuction in general anaesthesia

Format: Live Surgery and Discussion

Dr. Taufig stands as a true innovator in the field of liposuction, credited as the medical mind behind waterjet-assisted liposuction (WAL). In 1999, he filed a patent for this groundbreaking technique with the German Patent Office. The technical realization of his invention was expertly executed by HumanMed. The introduction of WAL marked a profound methodological advancement, causing a paradigm shift in liposuction treatment. Dr. Taufig has since successfully incorporated WAL into the treatment of lipedema, transforming the lives of countless patients. Since the year 2000, Dr. Taufig has welcomed numerous colleagues from Germany and around the world to his practice clinic in Cologne, where they’ve gathered to learn about his method or to master it themselves. Over the years, he has delivered informative lectures both in Germany and internationally, presenting the exceptional outcomes achieved through his liposuction technique and even performing live surgeries.
Dr. Taufig will demonstrate a live surgery, showcasing his innovative approach to treating lipedema using waterjet-assisted liposuction (WAL). He will share his extensive experience, emphasizing the technique’s remarkable advantages, including enhanced patient safety, reduced bleeding complications, shorter postoperative recovery times, and the preservation of crucial lymphatic vessels.
Questions about the procedure or postoperative care can be forwarded directly to the operating room.

Prof. Dr. Barbara Hersant, MD, PhD (Paris, France)

Approach: VASER Liposuction + Renuvion J Plasma in general anaesthesia

Format: Video Presentation + Interactive Remote Discussion

A distinguished plastic surgeon and PhD, Prof. Hersant holds a pivotal role in the department of plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic, and maxillofacial surgery. Her expertise extends to academia as she serves as a full professor and co-director of the DUMEG (Diplome universitaire de médecine esthétique génitale), DUAPME (Diplôme Universitaire concernant les Agents Physiques utilisés en Médecine Esthétique), and the DUAME (Diplôme universitaire des assistant(e)s en médecine esthétique). Renowned for her groundbreaking work in treating lipedema, Prof. Hersant is also a dedicated researcher in the realm of adipose stem cells and platelet-rich plasma for skin and nerve rejuvenation. Her commitment to advancing medical knowledge culminated in her PhD in science in November 2018.
During the live session, Prof. Hersant will share a pre-recorded video presentation showcasing her innovative approach to lipedema treatment. Her method combines Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance (VASER®) liposuction with the Renuvion/J-Plasma® device. Expect detailed insights into perioperative considerations crucial for achieving enduring results. In addition to a meticulously documented single case study, Prof. Hersant will share insights gained from treating 90 patients with upper limb lipedema between November 2021 and December 2022 at the Plastic Surgery Department of Henri Mondor Hospital.
Following the video presentation, Prof. Hersant will be available remotely to address your questions and engage in discussions.

Dr. Thomas Wright, MD FAVLS, FACP, RVT (O’Fallon, MO, USA)

Approach: MicroAire PAL Liposuction in tumescent local anesthesia with manual extraction and Renuvion Helium plasma

Format: Video Presentation + Interactive On-Site Discussion

Dr. Thomas Wright is a leading expert in venous and lymphatic medicine, with 15+ years of experience dedicated to advancing lipedema treatment. As the medical director of Laser, Lipo, and Vein Center, he’s among the first 200 US surgeons to attain diplomat status with the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine and is a Fellow of the American Venous and Lymphatic Society. His research contributions include peer-reviewed papers on lipedema and co-authoring the US Lipedema Standard of Care Guidelines. Dr. Wright’s expertise covers lipedema reduction surgery, fat transfer, and minimally invasive skin tightening. Trained by Dr. Jeffrey Klein, he has performed thousands of tumescent liposuction procedures for cosmetic and lipedema patients, collaborating with institutions like Washington University and the University of Arizona to deepen our understanding of lipedema.
In his insightful presentation, Dr. Wright will delve into his meticulous approach to treating lipedema using Tumescent Local Anesthesia (TLA). He will elucidate his preoperative ultrasound mapping technique, utilizing high-frequency ultrasound to map saphenous compartments and identify lymph collecting ducts. This precision minimizes the risk of duct injury during liposuction. Dr. Wright will present on the use of Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) for the treatment of lipedema, usually performed as a large-volume liposuction. He will demonstrate his manual extraction technique for hard fibrous nodules, that hat have not been adequately reduced after liposuction. Moreover, Dr. Wright employs the Renuvion Helium plasma device to achieve tissue contraction and skin tightening, enhancing the overall results of his procedures.
For a comprehensive understanding of his technique, including preoperative preparations and postoperative care, Dr. Wright will be available on-site to respond to your inquiries.

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