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Session 7
The Future of Lipedema Care

Representatives Talk
Danielle Makowsky (SÖF Svenska Ödemförbundet)

Lipedema World Alliance – Working together we can make a change
Sandro Michelini (Rome, Italy)

Advancing a Lipedema Research Roadmap: A Collaborative Approach to a Complex Disease
Jonathan Kartt (Greenwich, USA)

Myths and challenges in management of lipedema – Indian perspective
Srinagesh Vadrevu (Hyderabad, India)

Standard of Care for Lipedema in the United States: The Current Perspective
Karen Herbst (Beverly Hills, California)

Insights from the Revision and Update of the German Guidelines for Lipedema
Gabriele Faerber (Hamburg, Germany)

Liposuction for Lipedema: The Swedish Perspective
Anders Liss (Uppsala, Sweden)

Proposed Framework for Research Case Definitions of Lipedema
Matthew Carmody (Somerville, USA)

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